At Henselite, we want every bowler to be the best they can be. Whether you’re a social bowler, club champion or an international gold medallist, the Henselite range of products will help you to look, feel and perform at your best.

Every time you feel the comfort of a Henselite bowl in your hand, you are joining hundreds of thousands of bowlers across the globe who have chosen the world’s most accurate and precise lawn bowls. Our bowls have been the choice of champions for over 100 years, used by more Commonwealth and World Champions than any other bowls brand.

Lawn Bowls Supplies

Caring For Your Bowls

Each set of diamond-turned Henselite bowls is the result of highly-tuned, precision engineering developed over 100 years of manufacturing innovation. All the bowls in a set have been individually tested and matched for weight and balance to give you the ultimate in consistent performance on every green…every time. We are so confident in the quality of our workmanship that we guarantee each set of bowls for ten years. We recommend, however, that you continue to care for your bowls as much as we have, to allow them to perform at their best.


Lawn Bowls Supplies

Play Your Own Game

Express yourself on the green with your own customised set of bowls. Choose your model, colour, engraving and paintwork to create your own unique set.

Be Your Best

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Frequently asked Questions

What does it mean that a green is fast or slow? How does the bias of a lawn bowl work? What does the date stamp on my bowls mean?

We’ve answered these and more of your burning questions on our FAQ page.

What does it mean that a green is 'fast' or 'slow'?

A faster green means that the bowl takes longer to reach the jack – somewhere between 14 to 19 seconds. On a fast green a bowl must be rolled to take a lot of grass (rolled in a wide curve). Conversely, on slower greens, the bowl takes less time to reach the jack, say 10 – 14 seconds, and should be rolled to take much less grass (in a slight curve). Green speed is a major factor in selecting your bowl.

Where can I get my bowls tested?

Henselite is an independent licensed bowls tester that has been testing all brands of bowls for over 70 years.

Our testers are the most experienced and practiced bowls testers in Australia.

We strongly recommend that bowls be sent to Henselite for testing:

Henselite Australia Pty Ltd 320 Darebin Road

Fairfield VIC 3078

Phone: 03 9488 0488

We recommend that bowls be tested every few years for regular bowlers as there is be a gradual change in bias with use.

Does a grip affect the run of the bowl?

No. In fact a grip helps align the bowl before delivery and to assist grip – both of which will help deliver the bowl straight ensuring accurate delivery.

Where can I learn to play lawn bowls?

Local bowling clubs are always looking for new members and may have a coach who will be able to start you off with the basic skills required for the game.

Can I use the same bowls everywhere I play?

For outdoor bowls you should be aware that bowls are designed for specific conditions, primarily green speeds. The bias of the bowl enables performance which favours play on either slower or faster greens. You can use the same bowls on all types of greens however bowls will me most effective on the greens they are designed for. Please note that there are specific bowls for playing indoors.

Do you need a different bowl if you are left-handed?

No, this is not necessary at all.

What are old style bowls and are they still legal to play in Australia?

Yes. World Bowls changes to the legal bias in 1988, allowed for narrower biased bowls to be used. Bowls made and sold in Australia prior to 1988 are the same bias as our Classic Model (not Classic II). These are still legal to use all over the world and many are still sold overseas. In Australia the demand is generally for the narrower bias bowl.

Where can I purchase henselite bowls?

Henselite bowls are available here online or they are stocked at all good bowls shops and some general sports and clothing retailers. For your nearest bowls shop, go to our Stockist page.