Henselite has for sale a selection of lawn bowls bags ensuring secure and easy transport. For quality, damage resistant storage bags, choose Henselite, available in Australia and worldwide.




Alongside being the preferred choice for reliable, quality lawn bowls in Australia, Henselite also has for sale durable, secure lawn bowls bags for transportation and storage. With a history spanning over 100 years, our knowledge, experience and expertise allow us to provide you with the best of bowling equipment. Whether for a team or just for yourself, a Henselite bag is both suitable and ideal for all lawn bowls.

Why choose Henselite bags

Secure bowls

Lawn bowl bags have separate bags or secure dividers to hold each bowl. This prevents the bowls from rubbing against one another.

Easier transport

Get to and from the bowling club with ease. Our bags ensure each bowl is secure and protected while still being easy to carry and move.

High quality, damage resistant

Our quality tested bags are designed to comfortably carry the weight of your lawn bowls and equipment.

Do you really need a lawn bowls bag?

A good lawn bowls bag protects each bowl as you transport them. If bowls come into contact with hard surfaces inside an ordinary bag, such as rivets, this can cause wear and tear. Bowls should be kept in compartments with a soft or padded surface. Along with polishing and washing your bowls regularly, you also need to secure and store them safely.

You also need to secure bowls by storing them in separate bags or areas. This keeps your bowls looking their best and prevents damage from minor chips and scratches..

Features of a great bowls bag

A great bag will have:

• Flexible pockets and compartments, like removable dividers and easy access pockets
• Strong, damage resistant fabric to keep bowls secure when travelling
• Plenty of room for extra equipment and accessories
• …and will be easy to move, carry and store.

Our lawn bowls bags

Carry Bags

Carry bags have easier access to your bowls and separate areas for each bowl. The bag also features central storage for clothing, shoes and on-green accessories. Henselite’s carry bags feature a padded shoulder strap for comfort, and can carry at least 10kg, with our range all tested for durability.

Trolley Bags

Trolley bags feature a retractable, heavy-duty, push-button hand system for moving without carrying weight on your shoulders. Our trolley bags have a divider that allows for storage of 2 or 4 bowls, or internal bags that can be carried separately. They also have handy pockets for small items and are all tested for stability and durability.

Choose a High Quality, Durable Lawn Bowls Bag

Henselite’s history and reputation have made us a trusted provider of lawn bowls for wholesalers and players alike. Protect the condition of your lawn bowls while travelling and storing your lawn bowls with our high-quality bags. Browse our bags online and order today; we have stockists Australia-wide as well as globally.