Carla Krizanic

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Carla Krizanic

Which Henselite bowl do you use?
Lawn Bowls Brisbane
Dreamline XG
Career highlights

Winning Gold Medals in triples and fours at World Bowls and the Commonwealth Games with the same team.

What is your club?


Why do you use this bowl?

I use Dreamline XGs because they are the perfect all round bowl. The XG suits the modern game of bowls and play perfectly on faster greens when I head up north but still have a nice draw to suits the slower greens we get at the beginning of the Victorian season. I absolutely love my Tiger bowls that I used in Glasgow for Commonwealth games and they have come in handy a number of times when skipping on slow paces, nothing beats being able to chuck your bowl out and know it will come back.

How and when did you start bowling?

I started bowling when I was 15 after getting sick of sitting on the sideline watching my older sister.

Career goals

To continue to represent Australia and to win the Marj Morris trophy with my Vic team mates.

  • 2019 Multi Nations Gold Triples
  • 2019 Multi Nations Silver Fours
  • 2019 Asia Pacific Championships Gold Triples
  • 2019 Asia Pacific Championships Bronze Fours
  • 2018 Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist, Women’s Fours
  • 2018 Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist, Women’s Triples
  • 2016 World Champion, Triples and Fours
  • 2016 Australian Champion of Champion Singles
  • 2016 Victorian Champion of Champion Singles
  • 2015 Asia pacific fours gold medalist
  • 2015 Asia pacific triples silver medalist
  • 2015 Victorian Open singles Champion
  • 2015 Australian Indoor Champion
  • 2015 Australian Open fours Champion
  • 2014 Victorian Open Singles Champion
  • 2014 Victorian U/25 singles Champion
  • 2012 Victorian Champion of Champions
  • 2013 Hong Kong International Pairs Champion
  • 2012 Victorian state triples Champion
  • 2012 Victorian Open singles Champion
  • 2012 SA International Series – Silver medal – Pairs
  • 2012 SA International Series – Silver medal – Fours
  • 2012 SA International Series – Overall team gold
Which other bowlers do you enjoy playing with or against?

I love playing with my Jackaroos team-mates and also the Victorian team. Super bunch of people.

What would you be doing if you weren’t bowling?

Probably be at work as a nurse or at home with my family.

Who do you most admire?

My beautiful partner Tristan who always puts up with me going away all the time.

Why do you choose Henselite?

I choose Henselite because all of their equipment completely suits my needs.