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The Tiger II has a stable, predictable line with a holding finish and offers bowlers a great range of potential shots. It offers a lenient, gentle draw to the jack with no hook at the end.

The Tiger II is the widest bowl recommended for use on outdoor greens in Australia and NZ where it is gaining popularity on holding greens. Tiger II is available here with the traditional ‘C Series’ continuous dimple grip.

The model most in demand by elite players in the UK where it has had great success on indoor greens, the Tiger II is also suitable for use on outdoor greens. It’s a popular model for use on the faster greens of South Africa, Canada, USA and the UK where it is ideal for use by front end players and comes with the Mega Grip as standard.

Henselite Tiger II is made to order in your choice of colour. Contact your local bowls stockist to order your set.

Core Colours

Black_00_5_3_4 2022 2 mystic22_72 grapevine22_72 denim_72 seaspray22_300 72 resort22_72 Sunburst_0_5_3_4 72 ruby_rich22_72 aster22_75 everest22_72

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