Henselite Dreamline XG Grapevine Size 3 Heavy Gripped Purple/Violet/Mint

AUD $735.00 (inc GST)

Henselite Dreamline XG Grapevine Size 3 Heavy Gripped Purple/Violet/Mint

AUD $735.00 (inc GST)

The Dreamline XG is a superb all-round bowl. The key to its success is its density which creates maximum stability without compromising its comfort in the hand. This enhanced stability and its predictable line make it so versatile, it’s at home on all surfaces from North to South and East to West, even in the windiest of conditions.


The Dreamline XG is characterised by a constant arc with a holding finish to the head. It provides the ultimate in comfort, stability and consistency for all bowlers from social to competitive and elite level.

The new Dreamline XG has three key features:

  • Greater Material Density
    This gives the bowl unprecedented stability in all conditions. The Dreamline XG a holding finish that ensures its adaptability to the wide variety of surface speeds from holding to fast greens as well as synthetics and carpets.
  • Fine-tuned shape
    In the Dreamline XG mass has been re-distributed on the shoulders of the bowl without affecting the sides. This model of weight distribution ensures its line stays true, no matter what green surface orweather conditions you play in. The Dreamline XG has superb comfort in the hand which gives the bowler excellent control on the delivery.

    The Dreamline XG’s improved shape, when combined with the increased material density, enhances its stability and predictability in windy conditions. It also ensures that the bowl will maintain its momentum for better performance on drives and weighted shots.

  • Re-positioned grip
    An enhanced grip is positioned lower down on the bowl. Many modern coaches advise the bowler to hold the bowl with the thumb at its natural resting point. The re-positioned Dreamline XG grip is aligned with this point, allowing for a more natural delivery.

It’s these unique features which make the Dreamline XG such a popular and successful all-round bowl.

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