Henselite Toucha lawn bowls markers are portable, easy to use, and in two colours, making them suitable to apply on lawn bowls of any type or colour. Explore the range today.




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The Henselite range of Toucha lawn bowls markers are designed convenient and easy of use in line with the Laws of the Sport of Lawn bowls

Available in lilac and white, both markers are easy to spray on lawn bowls of any material, type, or colour. And they are just as easy to wipe off with a clean cloth. Each 10gm pressure pack provides up to 250 applications, which ensures that your product is long lasting.

Extremely lightweight and portable, Toucha markers are small enough to fit in your pocket. The chalk marker solution can be applied at 1.5m without any risk of moving the lawn bowl. Plus, with the backing of the official Henselite brand, you can expect the highest quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Explore the Toucha range

Toucha Coloured Lawn Bowls Marker

Designed specifically for marking coloured lawn bowls, the Toucha Coloured Lawn Bowls Marker has a distinct lilac tone that can be used on white or light coloured lawn bowls. Compact and easy to use, this marker can be applied without risk of moving the bowl and is visible from 1.5m, in line with the Laws of the Sport of Lawn bowls. And its small enough to carry in your pocket.

Toucha Lawn Bowls Marker

The Toucha Lawn Bowls Marker is clearly visible on both black and coloured lawn bowls. With it’s original white tone, the product is easy to spray and wipe off, and can be applied up to 250 times. Extremely portable, the lawn bowls marker fits comfortably in your hand and pocket.

Lawn Bowls Markers for Every Situation

In any lawn bowls game, accurate and visible toucher marking without moving the bowl is essential.

The Henselite range of Toucha lawn bowls markers is designed for visibility efficiency, and accuracy, with your choice of lilac and standard colours so that you can easily mark both light and dark coloured lawn bowls. And with up to 250 applications for every product, you will have enough to last for countless games.

Available online and in-store at select lawn bowls accessories stores, browse the full range and choose the perfect Toucha for you. For all questions and inquiries, contact sales@henselite.com.au or call +613 9488 0488.