Identify the shot bowl with lightweight, durable, and smooth action lawn bowls measuring tape and string measures from Henselite. Shop online today.



Lawn Bowls Measuring Tapes & String Measures

Achieve an accurate measure every time with official Henselite lawn bowls measures.

Durable, lightweight, and easy to carry, the Henselite range of measures comes in a variety of designs that are small enough to carry in your pocket or clip to your belt. The durable, moulded cases are resistant to the elements, our steel-coated tape measures are resistant to rust and corrosion and our string measures feature a non-stretch string for easy and accurate use. For an even more accurate and close measure, use the handy stowable callipers.

Want to show your support for your favourite AFL? Purchase an AFL Club Hawk Measure in the design of your choice and show your true colours out on the green.

Henselite Range of Measures

AFL Club Hawk Measure

Henselite has teamed up with the AFL to create an exclusive range of AFL-themed measures. Show your support for your favourite team with your very own easy-release, retractable, and durable mould casing string measure. Now you can match your measure to your footy colours.

Club Hawk Measure

Club Hawk Measure is the bowler’s favourite string measure. It features an easy-release, retractable, and non-stretch 2.8m (9’) long string. It also comes in a range of stylish colours including black, yellow, white, red, burgundy, and royal blue.

Henselock Measure

The popular Henselock Measure is a staple in the world of lawn bowls. The smooth action and retractable tape make it easy to achieve the perfect measure and identify the bowl closest to the jack. The additional callipers help you perform close measures with ease. Available in blue, white, and yellow.

Mini Telescopic Measure

For extremely precise, short measures, use the trusty Mini Telescopic Measure to achieve the most accurate reading possible. The Mini Telescopic Measure has an extended length of 620mm (24”) and a retracted length of 135mm. This makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Premier Boule Measure

An essential item for all bowlers, the Premier Boule Measure has a double scoring dial for competitive games. It also features a 2-metre steel tape with a protective coating, smooth running action, and a side jack positioning pivot to minimise the risk of jack movement when measuring.

Prohawk Measure

Ideal for umpires and when a long measure is required, the Prohawk Measure is perfect for individuals or as an addition to your umpire’s kit. .. The measure itself is small enough to fit in one’s pocket. The Prohawk has a smooth retracting string and is available in crisp modern white.

Mark Your Measure With Henselite

Henselite provides an exclusive range of quality measuring products to suit all bowlers and umpires needs. With durable casing, a smooth retractable tape of various lengths, and a range of colours and designs to choose from, making your measure in style has never been easier.

Explore the full range and find quality Henselite products in various lawn bowls clubs and retailers across Australia