Keep your lawn bowls in great condition using Henselite’s variety of polishes and grips. Our polishes remove scuffs and minor scratches to ensure superior performance during your games. Browse online today.  




Maintain the performance and quality of your lawn bowls with regular cleaning and polishing. Henselite supplies a range of lawn bowls polishes to smooth out minor scratches, chips and marks, ensuring your bowls look great and offer superior performance on any bowling surface.

If you’re investing in high quality lawn bowls, you should invest in the proper care routine for that good-as-new performance. Washing and polishing is integral to the durability and grip of your bowls.

How to polish lawn bowls

With use and over time, bowls can become scuffed, dirty and accumulate grime during play. In addition to regularly washing your bowls, regular polishing is also essential to ensuring best performance.

1. Remove dirt and grime

Before you polish, remove and clean away any dirt or grime. Chip away stubborn dirt using a skewer or tooth pick, and clean the bowls with warm soapy water.

2. Dry bowls before polish

Use a microfibre towel to dry off any excess moisture. We recommend a soft microfibre towel, such as a Henselite Dri Tec Towel, as some fabrics can leave scratch marks.

3. Polish the bowls evenly

Use a specialised bowls polish and apply to your bowls using a polishing cloth. The right polish will smooth out minor scratches and restore its finish and shine.

4. Don’t add too much!

A build-up of polish will similarly impact your performance, so if you use too much wash the polish off with soap and reapply.

Frequency-wise, polish your bowls weekly for superior grip and movement. Note that some clubs won’t allow the use of certain polishes if they leave traces on the carpet. Make sure to check what polish is permitted in the club.

The benefits of regular polishing

Not only does polish help buff our minor scratches, it also acts as a protective layer for any further scuffs and scratches. Henselite’s range promises superior quality for:

Wet weather play

In outdoor games, wet weather can impact performance and play. Our polishes allow for wet weather play that reduces poor grip and movement.

Enhanced performance

A well cared-for set of bowls will show in your performance. If left alone, bowls can build up grime and dirt, as well as scratches and dents.

Better grip

With the nature of the polish you can grip bowls better, reducing hand muscle fatigue and ensuring you have the best play possible.

Stain-free polish

Our polishes don’t stain carpet or leave clear marks that can build up over time. If you regular attend a bowling club this is in many cases a critical requirement, as stubborn polish impacts a club’s surface over time.

Get your high-quality polish from Henselite today

Henselite stocks a variety of polishes for bowlers and bowling clubs to keep your bowls clean, scuff-free and leave them with that good-as-new finish and shine. We stock sprays, cream polishes and Bulldog grip to ensure a suitable polish for your bowls. Browse our range online today.

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