Secure your lawn bowls during transport with Henselite’s high quality, durabilitytested trolley bags. We have a variety of styles and colours to suit any player, available to order Australia-wide.  




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As the leading provider of lawn bowls and bowling accessories, Henselite stocks a range of trolley bags designed to secure your bowls and equipment with ease. All our bags boast quality and security, with durability-tested styles for short and long-term transport.

If you are investing in quality lawn bowls, you should be equally investing in protection and transport for them. Standard luggage can result in bowls hitting one another, leading to chips and scuffs that adversely impact performance. Lawn bowls bags are designed specifically to secure your equipment.

The benefits of trolley bags

Trolley bags allow for easy, comfortable transport for your bowls, so you don’t have to carry the weight of your equipment with you. The durable wheels and pull-out handle are ideal for larger lengths of travel, as well as for overnight trips.

Secure your bowls

Our trolley bags feature individual compartments or internal cases for your bowls to ensure they won’t hit each other during travel.

Efficient transport

Whether an overnight trip or just getting to the bowling club, lawn bowls bags make it easier for you to bring your bowls, accessories, shoes and clothes with you.

High quality and damage resistant

Our bags are quality and durability tested on multiple surfaces, so you can comfortably carry your equipment without a worry.

Henselite’s trolley bags


· Four bowl compartments featuring Velcro straps for securing bowls

· Internal trolley handle system

· Retractable push-button handle with locking device

· Front pockets for phone, keys, etc.

· Mesh pocket for outerwear

· Tested for stability

· Heavy duty polyethene wheels

· Sized to suit most lockers

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· Suitable for either two or four bowls with foldaway divider

· Push button handle system with locking device

· Front pockets for storing phone, keys, etc.

· Mesh pocket for clothing/outerwear

· Tested for stability

· High precision roller bearings for long term reduced rolling resistance

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Pro Trolley Series II

· Two individual two-bowl cases with accessories case for convenient storage

· Large storage space for clothing and footwear

· Retractable push-button system

· Front pockets for personal items

· Easy glide wheels

· Put-out name tag for travelling

In addition to the model range, our trolley bags are available in a variety of colours. You can enquire about our bags online or visit one of our stockists closest to you.

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The best in lawn bowls equipment

Secure your lawn bowls for travel, whether to and from the club, or for overnight trips. Henselite quality tests all our products to ensure your equipment and accessories help you perform your best. Take a look at our available trolley bags online today or visit a stockist close by. We partner with bowling clubs so you have easy access to Henselite products.

For all enquires please call 03 9488 0488.