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Henselite is a name that is recognised by bowlers all around the world. Manufacturing lawn bowls in Melbourne since 1918, the company has grown from humble beginnings to become the sport’s number one brand of bowls and accessories. Today we continue to make the most precise and accurate lawn bowls available and the highest quality clothing, footwear and accessories for bowlers of all levels. We have a proud, 100-year history of supporting the sport of bowls, both on and off the green and a vision to see the sport grow and clubs thrive.

Official Henselite Lawn Bowls for Superior Performance, Comfort, and Stability 

Perform at your absolute best with official Henselite lawn bowls. Whether you are a club bowler who loves a game on the weekend or a touring professional with years of experience, Henselite provides lawn bowls to suit all bowlers on all greens and conditions around the world. 

Henselite lawn bowls have been engineered for accuracy and precision for over 100 years. Wherever and whenever you play, you can be confident in the quality and, performance of Henselite lawn bowls.  

Explore our range of lawn bowls

Dreamline XG 

A superb all-round bowl, the Dreamline XG is the world’s most versatile bowl. With maximum stability. It’s at home on a range of green speeds in all weather conditions. The Dreamline XG grip is positioned for superior comfort and control in all conditions. 

AFL Lawn Bowls 

Can’t get enough footy? Show your support for your favourite footy team with an AFLlicenced lawn bowl that dons your favourite team. AFL lawn bowls are made in the popular Dreamline XG model in 18 team designs so you can show your team colours on the green.  

Classic II 

Drawing from over 50 years of product research and engineering expertise, the Classic II retains everything that you love about the original but improves upon it. With a narrower line and less pronounced finish, the Classic II provides enhanced stability in even the toughest conditions. 


Perfectly suited for fast greens, the Cruze is engineered for accuracy and precision on greens running at over 15 seconds.   

The Henselite Cruze model is the perfect complement to the Dreamline XG when playing on fast greens. Adding a set of Cruze to their kit will give bowlers the edge when playing on a quick surface where a narrower line and a flat finish is required. 


The Tiger is a full-biased model bowl with a predictable confident line and a contemporary holding finish. 

A supremely stable bowl, the ergo profile provides superior hand comfort and perfect control. Ideal for indoor and outdoor bowling, the Tiger is recommended for slower greens. 

Tiger II 

As the narrowest bowl in the Tiger range, the Tiger II is ideal for competitive indoor and outdoor bowls It is becoming popular on the slower greens in Australia and New Zealand and has enjoyed widespread success on the faster greens in South Africa, Canada, the USA, and the UK. 

Tiger Pro 

With a line that sits comfortably between the Tiger and the Tiger II, the Tiger Pro is a great all-round bowl for slower greens, including a variety of green speeds and surfaces as well as artificial surfaces. 

Tiger TX 

The Tiger TX bowl is now the narrowest drawing bowl in the Henselite Tiger range. 

It has a draw line just inside the Tiger II that offers a steady controlled finish. This makes the Tiger TX a bowl that is most suited to indoor bowling in particular, but is still used by many players all year round on faster outdoor greens in South Africa, Canada, USA and the UK. 

Tiger Evo 

Developed in partnership with World Champion bowlers, the Evo bias line is the mid-point between the popular Tiger and Tiger Pro. 

Looking to find that perfect road to the jack, the Tiger Evo it is ideal for a full range of shots. Suitable for all indoor and outdoor surfaces. 

Classic TRL 

The winner of more gold medals at World Bowls and Commonwealth Games than any other model. 

The ‘Classic Bowl’ has been given a minor name change and facelift but the traditional bias which has stood the test of time since 1930 remains unchanged. With a traditional hook finish, it is an excellent wide drawing bowl for all outdoor surfaces and slow-paced artificial or indoor surfaces. 

Lawn Bowls for Any Occasion 

Whether it’s rain, wind or shine, Henselite lawn bowls are made to help you perform at your best. Any time, anywhere.  

You can choose from a range of high performance bowls, no matter which greens you play on or in which conditions. Henselite bowls will provide maximum stability without compromising comfort in the hand. Choose a bowl for the faster greens in Australia and New Zealand or the heavier greens in the UK and USA. All Henselite bowls come in a range of bright contemporary colours for the modern game. 

For all questions and inquiries about the Henselite lawn bowls range, contact sales@henselite.com or +631 9488 0488. Our friendly customer support team will be happy to assist you.