Rebecca van Asch


Rebecca van Asch

Which Henselite bowl do you use?
Lawn Bowls Supplies
Tiger Pro
Career highlights

Winning gold medals in the Triples and Fours at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

What is your club?

Invermay Bowls and Community Club.

Why do you use this bowl?

I use Dreamline XG’s, they are great on Tasmanian greens. They take a very kind line on our greens all year-round. I use Tigers when I’m in the UK.

How and when did you start bowling?

I started bowling in 1998 when I was 10 years old, when I started playing indoor carpet bowls with my nan.

Career goals

To continue to perform at a high level and represent Australia claiming International titles.

  • 2019 Trans Tasman – Overall Team/Overall Women’s Champion
  • 2019 Multi-Nations – Overall Team/Overall Women’s Champion
  • 2019 Multi-Nations – Gold – Triples
  • 2019 Multi-Nations – Silver – Fours
  • 2019 Asia Pacific Championships – Overall Team/Overall Women’s Champion
  • 2019 Asia Pacific Championships – Gold – Triples
  • 2019 Asia Pacific Championships – Bronze – Fours
  • 2019 Australian Open Fours Champions.
  • 2018 Australian Indoors Champion
  • 2018 Australian Open Champions, Women’s Singles
  • 2018 Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist, Women’s Fours
  • 2018 Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist, Women’s Triples
  • 2017 Australian Indoors Champion
  • 2016 Australian Open Pairs Runner-up
  • 2016 World Champion, Triples and Fours
  • 2016 Australian Open Pairs Champion
  • 2015 Tasmanian Women’s Singles, Pairs & Fours Champion
  • 2014 Australian Open Women’s Fours Champions
  • 2014 Tasmanian Women’s Singles, Triples & Fours Champions.
  • 2014 Tasmanian Bowler of the Year.
  • 2013 Tasmanian Champion of Champions Singles Winner
  • 2013 Australian Super 6 Singles Bronze
  • 2012 World Pairs Champions
  • 2012 Golden Nugget Singles Champion
  • 2012 Tasmanian Champion of Champions Singles Winner
  • 2012 Tasmanian Women’s Singles Champion
  • 2012 SA International Series Triples Gold
  • 2012 Australian Super 6 Singles Silver
  • 2011 Asia Pacific Fours Silver
  • 2011 Asia Pacific Triples Gold
  • 2011 Australian Super 6 Singles Gold
  • 2010 Australian Open Pairs Silver
  • 2009 QLD Open Singles Gold
  • 2009 Tasmanian Women’s Singles Champion
  • 2007 Tasmanian Women’s Singles Champion
Which other bowlers do you enjoy playing with or against?

I enjoy playing with my Australian Teammates. I have had many great results with them and have had a lot of fun with them along the way.

What would you be doing if you weren’t bowling?

Embarking on a business career.

Who do you most admire?

People that have followed their dreams, worked hard and achieved their goals.

Why do you choose Henselite?

I choose Henselite because it is an Australian company and I believe and trust in their product in all conditions.