Damien Delgado


Damien Delgado

Which Henselite bowl do you use?
Lawn Bowls Brisbane
Dreamline XG
Lawn Bowls Supplies
Tiger II
Career highlights


  • Commonwealth Games Silver Medal in 2022
  • Making my Aussie debut at Leamington Spa UK against Wales.
  • My first Trans Tasman
  • National 5 A side with Club Tweed


  • I was runner up at 2021 QLD Mens Open Singles (First wheelchair player to make QLD final)
  • Playing Premier League and Div 1 Pennant at Club Tweed

"Even though I’m in a wheelchair it’s a level playing field. You always start a game at 0-0. It's a great social game and I love being outdoors."

What is your club?

Club Tweed

Why do you use this bowl?

When I upgraded from my first set of bowls, I tried every type and make of bowl over 4 months and I always kept of coming back to XG’s and have loved them. I also use Tiger II’s indoors.

How and when did you start bowling?

I started at Cabarita Beach Bowls Club in Far North Coast of NSW at the end of 2015. I was there with my wife and the Greenkeeper had a chat with me and said that there were wheelchairs made for bowls. It took about 5 month to get a chair made and I’ve never looked back.

Career goals

2022 Multi Disability National Championship

2023 World Disability Championships

2026 Commonwealth Games

2030 Commonwealth Games

2032 Olympics when bowls becomes part of it????


2022 – Commonwealth Games Silver Medal

2022 – Australian Open Multi Disability Pairs gold

2022 – QLD Disability Pairs Gold.

2021 – QLD Disability Singles Gold and Pairs Silver

2021 – QLD Men’s Open Singles Silver

2021 – Australian Open Multi-Disability Singles Silver.

2020 – QLD Disability Singles and Pairs Gold

2019 – Multi-Disability National Championships Triples and Singles Silver.

Which other bowlers do you enjoy playing with or against?

With Cooper Whitestyles, Turls and Kerkow. My fellow ParaJacks. Against anyone who wants a game!

What would you be doing if you weren’t bowling?

If I wasn’t bowling , I’d probably have given any of the other wheelchair sports a go. Tennis, basketball or rugby.

Why do you choose Henselite?

I choose Henselite because the bowl feel just right in my hand. I love the arc on my XG’s and it’s Australian owned.